Girl-Swag: A Global Girl’s Curriculum for Personal Development & Lifestyle Enhancement

Girl-Swag is a transformational training concept that is filled with strategies that can help you get into action to: Uncover your authentic self and gain CONFIDENCE Transform your thoughts, dreams and goals by MAKING IT HAPPEN and turning your ideas into reality Make better decisions, COMMUNICATE with others, build rapport, and use your resources more effectively Allow others to get to know the REAL you Create your life's vision statement leading you to your IDEAL life and DREAMS Make a difference in your life and the lives of others by allowing others to see all that you have to CONTRIBUTE to the world Girl-Swag is a resource guide with platinum appeal. ChloƩ Taylor Brown is a transformational trainer, executive coach, lifestyle enhancement coach, advocate for women and girls, author of Getting Ready ChloƩ-Style: Perfecting Your Authentic Image and Determine Your Ideal: A Lifestyle Enhancement Workbook and the co-creator of the The PEP System a complete coaching and training program.

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