Lights Off, Swag On: A Player’s Handbook

Lights Off, Swag On is a series thought up by a group of roommates from Baltimore, Maryland in 2009. The idea was to take the various situations we encountered throughout our college experience. Through “research” and development we’ve finally reached our first product. A Player’s Handbook quickly touches on some of the situations we came across most often. Written from the perspective of Hitch Swagstone, a “dog” who has the same woes when trying to court those of the opposite sex. Covering things from breaking down walls and time management to how to deal with the dreaded ex and handling clingers. A Player’s Handbook addresses those of the male persuasion, but was written in HOPES that women would also take enjoyment in seeing how the male populace thinks. Enjoy a “dog’s” take on a very human problem, “Women don’t know what they want, but we (as men) have to give it to them.”

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