Love, Hate and Swag, as the title suggests, is a fast-paced mystery novel, full of twists and surprises. Two half-brothers have an intense dislike for each other that stems back to childhood. Let's call them the likeable/elderly brother and the unpleasant/younger brother. The good/likeable brother works on cruise liners sailing out of New York. He returns to spend three weeks with his younger/unpleasant stepbrother, who is the chief executive of the fabulous but garish Babylon Hydro and Leisure Retreat, which caters for pampering the nouveau riche. Here he becomes acquainted with various members of staff, male and female, while simultaneously outside influences become involved in attempting to pressure him to become a lead player in an unlawful venture. The storyline is one of robbery, sex, blackmail, gambling, betrayal, hate, money, murder …

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