Swag, By Elmore Leonard, Unabridged 5 Audio Cassettes, 6.5 Hours, Narrated By Frank Muller

"Swag begins a series introducting one of Elmore Leonard's more memorable characters: Ernest J. Stickley, Jr. Through the superb narrative telents of Frank Muller, the offbeat capers of this small-time car thief come vibrantly to life. When Stick joins a visionary car salesman, they enjoy instant success as a surprisingly efficient hold-up team. Pulling off a series of easy robberies, their apartment is soon cluttered with the rewards of their new trade. But if there is one lesson to be learned from Elmore Leonard's stories, it's that plans seldom stay on track for long. The life of crime is about to get a whole lot more unpredicatable for Stick and his partner. Filled with unexpected twists, Swag is a zany detour into a world where the line between heroes and villains becomes a blur. "… he gives us as much serious fun per word as anyone around."—New York Times Book Review "Library Journal calls Frank Muller "the best narrator in the business." "Copyright 1976 by Elmore Leonard. P 1996 by Recorded Books, Inc. Cover art copyright 1996 by Jennifer Yuh. Recorded by arrangement with Elmore Leonard c/o Michael Siege & Associates, Inc. ISBN 0 7887 0502 4. Produced in the studios of Recorded Books Productions, Inc., New York." [from case]

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