Fuck Yeah Menswear: Bespoke Knowledge for the Crispy Gentleman

In your hands is an Amazonian blowgun full of deadly knowledge darts ready to be delivered straight to your cranium.

You’re about to begin a journey that will end in only one way—with you standing naked in an abandoned ravine watching as your old wardrobe slowly burns. Let this be your illustrated Iliad for dressing better.
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Swag: Rock Posters of the 90’s

During the course of the 1990s, artists, musicians and fans began to re-conceive the art of poster making, turning away from the mass-produced products of corporate rock to re-embrace the DIY aesthetic of the punk era. With more than 250 posters by over 50 designers, this book is an introduction to the world of the concert poster art of the 1990s and the cutting-edge music it was created for – from Nirvana and Pearl Jam to Sonic Youth and the Velvet Underground.