The Brandful Workforce: How Employees Can Make, Not Break Your Brand

A Brandful Workforce is a workforce that works FOR your brand, not against it. This book is a practical “How-To” guide for organizations who genuinely want an authentic brand, both inside and out. Companies need to engage more than their customers in evolving their brands. The workforce is the missing link to, not just -successful branding – but success period. Even if you have a brandful workforce, this book can show how to keep it that way. In addition, find out how to attract brandful employees and how you and your employees can become brandful. It’s a win-win for everyone. The Brandful Workforce is not your ordinary business book. This may be the first interactive business book that’s packed with links to videos and ongoing discussions. Make sure you purchase your online version as well as your hard copy, so you can get the most out of this book. You can join the discussion at

Turning SWAG into SUCCESS – How To Make Promotional Products Work For You

Why Promotional Products?

Standard advertising mediums such as billboards, radio, and television have some major limitations, especially for small businesses. They're expensive and space is limited. The customer can easily ignore the message. If they do listen, it only stays in the mind a short while without reinforcement. Companies pay billions of dollars every year to ensure their brand doesn't leave the public's consciousness. This presents a problem for businesses who want to get their names out, especially new ones.
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