The Beijing Swag

The Beijing Swag is Book 2 of the Beijing Family book series and is filled with excitement and laughter! Greg Wang, the young martial arts trained teenage son becomes good friends with Tayshawn Jackson and his dance crew. By mixing Far East discipline with hip hop, they win the toughest dance competitions in Los Angeles. Simon Wang, his conservative Chinese billionaire father, forbids hip hop dancing fearing Greg won't be accepted into an Ivy League college, which disappoints Greg deeply. Eventually, both father and son reach a surprisingly simple solution that was there all along. Meanwhile, Kara Chan meets two women – Woo Tai Tai and Chloe, also known as the Real Housewives of Beijing. A lonely wife and a social climbing mistress of billionaire tycoons, they learn the meaning of luxury lifestyle in Beverly Hills with lots of comedy. While shopping, they meet personal stylist for celebrities, Peaches and his drama queen lover, Fernando. Lunching afterwards, they unexpectedly come across Christian, an irresistibly charming male gigolo looking for companionship with material benefits. The BOOK COVER features the conservative anti-hip hop father, Simon Wang, standing on Crenshaw the middle of South Central Los Angeles wearing hip hop clothes and driving a custom made car.

Respect the S.W.A.G. (Students With Academic Goals)

The Official Guide to the Only S.W.A.G. that matters. Respect the S.W.A.G. is a must have for students across the world. I’m So Educated™ founder has created a book that gives students success tips and strategies to become stronger scholars and citizens in life. Respect the S.W.A.G. is a one-of-a-kind book that allows students to track their success, dream build, and develop skills to become better. In a world where society has defined SWAG as material success, Respect the S.W.A.G. redefines the SWAG that students think they have, and redefines it with the only S.W.A.G. that matters. “Students With Academic Goals” Great Book/Journal for Middle School, High School, and College Students

Swagger: 10 Urgent Rules for Raising Boys in an Era of Failing Schools, Mass Joblessness, and Thug Culture

"There is a great deal we as parents can do at little or no cost to give our boys the advantages they need right now to jack up their odds of finishing high school, going to college, and leading a decent, free life in which they can not only support a family but also contribute to their communities. Because parenting can't wait. Our boys are growing up now, in conditions they did not create, and they deserve more than an adulthood defined by illiteracy, poverty, and reporting to a parole officer. Swagger will show you how." —from the Introduction

The Theory of SWAG: A Young Woman’s Guide to Success & Wealth

"The Theory of SWAG: A Young Woman’s Guide to Success & Wealth" challenges women to walk their talk with a step-by-step analysis and strategy of revisiting her past actions and decisions. The book then offers a clear and concise strategy to plan ahead with a road map to where she’s headed and what it'll take to get there.


Noelle Dresden stepped out on faith and left her full-time job to pursue her passion: singing. Six months later, her singing career hasn't gone much of anywhere and neither has her relationship with her charismatic, yet sneaky boyfriend, Jonah. After Jonah uses Noelle's hopes of an engagement for his benefit, Noelle gets fed up and decides to move forward with her career. Her pursuit leads her to accept an invitation to be a house guest on the popular, hit reality show, House of Swag. On the show, aspiring entertainers with the potential to take it to the next level are trained to become multifaceted mega stars. While in the house, Noelle catches the eye of the show's creator, Monroe "Paper" Chase. As Noelle rises toward super stardom, she has some difficult choices to make. Will she work to keep the love that she and Jonah shares alive, or will she choose fame, fortune and a man who can make all of her dreams come true?