Always Upbeat / All That (Cheer Drama / Baller Swag) (Lockwood Lions)

Always Upbeat (Cheer Drama): Savvy Charli Black seems to have the perfect life. Pampered and confident, she has her junior year at Lockwood High all mapped out. Date the hottest baller in school, check. Become captain of the varsity cheerleading squad, check. Her crew rules the school. But just as everything falls into place, her world begins to spin with one betrayal after another. All That (Baller Swag): Cocky quarterback Blake Strong’s number one goal is to stay in the game, lead his boys to victory, and score a spot at his dream school. But his overbearing father wants Blake in the Southeastern Conference. Their difficult relationship hangs by a thread when the Strong family gets unsettling news. Will they reconnect and realize that there’s more to life than football?

Turning SWAG into SUCCESS – How To Make Promotional Products Work For You

Why Promotional Products?

Standard advertising mediums such as billboards, radio, and television have some major limitations, especially for small businesses. They're expensive and space is limited. The customer can easily ignore the message. If they do listen, it only stays in the mind a short while without reinforcement. Companies pay billions of dollars every year to ensure their brand doesn't leave the public's consciousness. This presents a problem for businesses who want to get their names out, especially new ones.
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A Swag of Memories: Australian bush stories

A quintessential Australian bushman, Brian Taylor has spent most of his life on the land. Working as a drover, a stockman, a fencer, a shearer and a saddler, he has gathered a swag of stories over the years as he travelled way out past the Barcoo, along the dusty plains and beside the dry creek beds under the endless southern sky. In A SWAG OF MEMORIES Brian Taylor shares with us these stories, of the people he has met, the places he has been and the moments, long-gone, that define the traditions of the Australian bush. Like those bush poets and storytellers of days past, Taylor brings to life the characters and the creatures of the bush: men like Dangerous Dan Smith, a hard, self-reliant man who had a gentler talent; Father Peter, a parish priest and occasional hero; Charlie Gibson, an Aboriginal stockman who knew the land better than anyone; and Banjo, the ever-alert dingo watchdog. These colourful and evocative bush tales delightfully capture a slight of Australian life that many of us will never get to see. Luckily, with this collection, you can sit back with a billy of tea and read all about it.


College Girls. Looking for excitement, adventure, and maybe even an education. Portia gets more than she bargained for in all three areas when she brings her new roommate home for the weekend. Her roommater, unfortunately for Portia's family, has brough her band of gypsy thieves. Weapons? Lots. Blood? In abundance. Dead bodies? One or two. And it could have ended as one ugly incident in an otherwise quiet suburb. But for one unplanned event. Portia's gone with them. The first thriller from the author of 'The Two Roomer', Tom Kennerly.

The SWAG Life

“I loved Melinda's first book, SWAG, and she's only gotten better with her latest collection of essays. Some stories particularly touched my heart because she writes of people and places I know well as a fellow hometown girl from Greenville, Alabama. But all the essays are full of universal truths that make you smile and often chuckle out loud. The fact is truth CAN often be funnier as well as stranger than fiction—as with the lady who sends her Mama's cremated remains from the local post office. Melinda's own warmth and self-deprecating humor shine through in her writing in yet another book that can be enjoyed by men and women, older, younger, family, friends, coworkers—everyone. Highly recommended!”
Angela K. Long, The Greenville Advocate

“The SWAG Life is the perfect follow-up to Ms. Thompson's first book. She sees the humor in everyday situations and describes it in a way that is funny, often self-deprecating, and always compassionate. I feel like she could be the lady sitting next to me at the little-league baseball field, or my sister. She's certainly not a stranger, and I love reading her descriptions of random moments from her life—especially where they intersect with mine!” reviewer
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Lights Off, Swag On: A Player’s Handbook

Lights Off, Swag On is a series thought up by a group of roommates from Baltimore, Maryland in 2009. The idea was to take the various situations we encountered throughout our college experience. Through “research” and development we’ve finally reached our first product. A Player’s Handbook quickly touches on some of the situations we came across most often. Written from the perspective of Hitch Swagstone, a “dog” who has the same woes when trying to court those of the opposite sex. Covering things from breaking down walls and time management to how to deal with the dreaded ex and handling clingers. A Player’s Handbook addresses those of the male persuasion, but was written in HOPES that women would also take enjoyment in seeing how the male populace thinks. Enjoy a “dog’s” take on a very human problem, “Women don’t know what they want, but we (as men) have to give it to them.”


Love, Hate and Swag, as the title suggests, is a fast-paced mystery novel, full of twists and surprises. Two half-brothers have an intense dislike for each other that stems back to childhood. Let's call them the likeable/elderly brother and the unpleasant/younger brother. The good/likeable brother works on cruise liners sailing out of New York. He returns to spend three weeks with his younger/unpleasant stepbrother, who is the chief executive of the fabulous but garish Babylon Hydro and Leisure Retreat, which caters for pampering the nouveau riche. Here he becomes acquainted with various members of staff, male and female, while simultaneously outside influences become involved in attempting to pressure him to become a lead player in an unlawful venture. The storyline is one of robbery, sex, blackmail, gambling, betrayal, hate, money, murder …

Brand Your Swag

Brand Your Swag takes the user through a step-by-step process of creating an outstanding brand (including: name, logo and slogan). It shows how to create a brand so strong and unique that NO ONE can compete or duplicate it! P-Diddy, Orpah and Donald Trump have all built their empires by using this same process. This workbook will take you through a patented system for successful, profitable brand building. DO YOU and GET PAID!

Easy Window Swags, Valances & Cornices (eHow Easy DIY Kindle Book Series)

Only have a weekend to install window treatments? Easy Window Swags, Valances, and Cornices: DIY Upgrades will easily guide you through the process and can help you finish by the time Monday rolls around. Inside you will find color photos, expert step-by-step instructions, safety concerns, and tools and materials you will need. Projects include freeform scarf swag, flip topper, and lined rectangle valance.

Excerpt from the Book:
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