The SWAG Life

“I loved Melinda's first book, SWAG, and she's only gotten better with her latest collection of essays. Some stories particularly touched my heart because she writes of people and places I know well as a fellow hometown girl from Greenville, Alabama. But all the essays are full of universal truths that make you smile and often chuckle out loud. The fact is truth CAN often be funnier as well as stranger than fiction—as with the lady who sends her Mama's cremated remains from the local post office. Melinda's own warmth and self-deprecating humor shine through in her writing in yet another book that can be enjoyed by men and women, older, younger, family, friends, coworkers—everyone. Highly recommended!”
Angela K. Long, The Greenville Advocate

“The SWAG Life is the perfect follow-up to Ms. Thompson's first book. She sees the humor in everyday situations and describes it in a way that is funny, often self-deprecating, and always compassionate. I feel like she could be the lady sitting next to me at the little-league baseball field, or my sister. She's certainly not a stranger, and I love reading her descriptions of random moments from her life—especially where they intersect with mine!” reviewer

“This book is great for any woman of a certain "maturity" who's been through and ready to laugh about family Thanksgiving dinners, angst over appropriate wardrobe, and the general hilarity, if you really think about it, of being a Southern Woman Aging Gracefully (or at least trying to!).” reviewer

“The SWAG Life is a wonderful sequel to Melinda's first book! This one is also laugh-out-loud funny! I am an English teacher and especially appreciate her intelligent, witty way with words! I loved the first book and loved this one equally as much. Get a cup of coffee and sit down for time with our Southern roots and lifestyle, which seems to always resemble many things in my own life! What a great read!” reviewer

Following the success of Melinda Rainey Thompson’s first book, SWAG: Southern Women Aging Gracefully, her newest collection of humorous and touching essays and lists addresses such problems as aging, becoming your mother, raising children who love sports, dealing with the unexpected, and the fate of manners.

Much more than just funny (reason enough to buy this, by the way), this collection captures those “exalted moments of heaven sandwiched right in the minutia of the daily grind.” Thompson shares plenty of SWAG life lessons that she has learned the hard way—through bumbling experience. Included are many of her most embarrassing moments, not only for the belly laughs, but to warn you away from making the same humiliating mistakes. She also has plenty of suggestions for improving society, starting with ten things better left in the past:

Your pre-baby weight

Sordid details of your previous marriages

Your natural hair color

Your prescription medication history

Labor and delivery stories

Your high-school sports career

Your overcoming-addiction stories

Your vacation photographs

Your college fraternity and sorority sportswear

Family feuds

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