Turning SWAG into SUCCESS – How To Make Promotional Products Work For You

Why Promotional Products?

Standard advertising mediums such as billboards, radio, and television have some major limitations, especially for small businesses. They're expensive and space is limited. The customer can easily ignore the message. If they do listen, it only stays in the mind a short while without reinforcement. Companies pay billions of dollars every year to ensure their brand doesn't leave the public's consciousness. This presents a problem for businesses who want to get their names out, especially new ones.

Then there's the problem of appropriately thanking clients and customers for their continued service. The old ways of certificates, wall plaques, and thank you cards aren't cutting it in today's marketplace. These items have become so common that they're seen as the minimum. What can be done?

In this book, I want to show you how you can use promotional products to solve both these problems, as well as other advertising, goodwill, and incentive challenges you have with your business. The clever use of promotional products can help you sneak past your competition and get your business noticed. Giving away free or nearly-free items to people that have your name and logo on them plays on our instinctive love of getting free stuff. When the proper item is matched with the proper audience, advertising magic can happen on a scale much longer than normal media advertising, and for far cheaper too.

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